Welcome physicians

At X-Ray Consultants, P.C. (XRC), we understand that your choice of where and to whom you refer patients is a direct reflection on you. That is why XRC insists on the highest quality imaging at all our sites and provide input regarding facilities, equipment, personnel, systems and processes in order to provide you with unparalleled medical imaging service.

Not only does XRC seek to exceed expectations by producing a quality service, we also understand that relationships are the key to your success and ours. We therefore seek to engage you with timely, positive, and welcoming responsiveness to your needs.

You can count on XRC for:

  • Board-certified and subspecialty-trained radiologists who are accessible and available to consult with you
  • The highest quality interpretations delivered in a timely manner, in an the format that best suits your practice and schedule
  • STAT/wet reads as required and standard fast report turnaround
  • The full range of interventional radiology services that offer you and your patient an alternative to more invasive and higher risk surgical procedures
  • Exceptional customer service to reflect your professionalism and commitment to excellence

You’ve made a commitment to provide the best healthcare possible to your patients. You can trust XRC to continuously deliver the higher level of care that you and your patients deserve.

Please feel free to provide us with feedback regarding our services and how we can better serve you. We can be reached by calling (574) 272-5347.

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